UNGULA NATURALIS – Black Winter without Norway Tar

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Very rich ointment to be used below zero centigrade.

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  • 480ml
  • 1L

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The Black Winter Ointment has an optimum application temperature between -12° and 8° C. Thanks to an active substance of penetration, it quickly penetrates the hoof. The ointment greatly feeds, softens and strengthens the horn and the fork. The unique combination of four active substances sanitizes the fork and supports an important growth of the hoof. The hoof looks prettier with a beautiful black colour.

Application Recommendations:

- Apply two to three times a week with a brush on a dry and clean surface. Insist on the fork, the horn and the coronet. - To prevent putrefied forks or brittle hooves, the operation could be repeated daily. When applied daily, the horn would grow 1.5 times faster than with a common ointment. - The newly horn will be softener, more resistant and flexible.


Composition: - Essential oils. - Beeswax. - Vegetable oil. - Food grade cod-liver oil, cold filtered. - Food grade beef fat. - Vaseline codex P23 - Vitamins. - Modified alcohol. - Food colouring and feed flavours.

Comments: This ointment has to be stored under 10°C. You can use it during summer. Use the Black Winter Ointment when the Classic Ointment is too hard to apply and go back to the Classic Ointment when the Black Winter Ointment is too liquid. The ointment is ideally combined with the Regenerating Ointment during winter.