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Sanitizing oil for forks. No Acids.

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  • 100ml +10% gratuit
  • 500ml

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Use: Primary care to prevent the putrefaction and infection of the forks.

Specially recommended when forks develop a sour smell. Use the oil to sanitize the forks before applying the recovering balm.

Application Recommendations: - Agitate thoroughly before use. - Ladle generously the oil on the wounded fork. - Spread with a brush to help the product penetrate. - Repeat the operation until the sour smell disappears.

Composition: - More than 6% of essential oils (two different). - Vegetable oils. - Food grade cod-liver oil, cold filtered. - Vitamins. - Tree bark macerating technique.

Comments: If the forks are deeply damaged, you might make a foot bath in diluted red Betadine, 24 hours before firstly applying the oil. Once you have applied the oil, do not use the Betadine again. Do not contained acids, can be used to sanitize the forks after farrier’s work.