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Repairing balm for forks.

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  • 480ml
  • 280ml

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Use: The ointment supports the reconstruction of wounded and damaged horn.

Application Recommendations: - To facilitate the application and preserve the balm, maintain a temperature between 15° and 20° C. - Put a vinyl glove before taking a knob of balm. - Apply into the cleft between the claws by compacting it. You can also use a brush to treat the rest of the wounded fork.

- Repeat the operation daily until full recovery with a firm and healthy appearance.


Composition: - Two different essential oils. - Shea butter. - Two vegetable oils. - Food grade cod-liver oil, cold filtered. - Food grade beef fat. - Vitamins. - Tree bark macerating technique.


Comments: - After two or three days of application, the fork may develop a particular smell because of the evacuation of the moisture. You must still continue treatment.

- Many fork problems are due to humidity and the deterioration caused. The equine shall operate in a clean and dry environment. - To prevent a new problem, we recommend greasing the hooves daily then three times a week with a sanitizing ointment. To prevent dryness, softening or putrefaction problems we recommend Ungula Winter or Ungula Black Winter for winter and Ungula Black Summer for summer.